Trip to Manhattan: New York, NY

Back in December of ’07, I traveled to New York back in December of with my girlfriend for the Christmas season.  We spent 5 days and 4 nights on the Upper Westside of the city at my parents time share.  Manhattan is a great city and there’s plenty to do.  Some of our activities included:

-Going to Chinatown (the days of quality and fake purses are over for good!)

-Visiting the MoMa (it’s free on Fridays after 4pm)

-Visited Soho/The Village (Great areas of New York)

-Seeing “Is He Dead” a hysterical, Mark Twain Play (a late 19th century, French artist fakes his own death in order to sell his work at a premium)

New York in December, believe it or not, isn’t that cold. I chalk it up to global warming.  Manhattan is a mysterious city full of wonder and excitement, and as I result it’s no surprise that each time I visit I see or learn something new. Also, because I’m a foodie at heart, I always appreciate the new restaurants I discover which seem to be in endless supply. If you haven’t been to Manhattan; it’s time to visit. And even if you have, you should plan a return visit.