Future Spring Cruise?

I’m guilty. I’m always planning the next vacation right after I’ve returned from previous one. But my girlfriend and I haven’t traveled together in a while, so we’re thinking of taking a March/April cruise. Cruises are an inexpensive way to travel because you don’t have to pay for airfare if you live in a port city such as Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, and they are all inclusive for the most part (minus alcohol and off-ship excursions).

But where to go? We may take a four-day cruise to the Western Caribbean which is basically the Key West and Mexico and sails Thursday through Sunday. The best part: prices start at $259 on Carnival!

I will have to think it over a little longer.

Farewell, Spring Cruise?

It seems unlikely that I will take that spring cruise I mentioned earlier this month. That’s because I am going to Chicago with my girlfriend and will proceed to freeze to death! But perhaps, if I have a good month, I will consider taking a cruise as my second anniversary is coming up, and it could be romantic.

I will of course, keep you posted on these breaking developments.