San Francisco: Sweet Spot of California

One of the highest populated cities in California, San Francisco is a beautiful city with many fantastic attractions.  I’ve had the pleasure of visiting San Francisco twice, so I attest to that sentiment.

San Francisco is a beautiful city on the bay which has great food, cool temps, and is one of the few cities lined with staircases on its streets.

Assuming you have a chance to travel to San Francisco, here are a few attractions you won’t want to miss:

1) Golden Gate bridge (a bright orange, suspension bridge that crosses the Golden Gate which connects the bay to the Ocean)

2) Alcatraz (infamous, island prison where super g-men such as Al Capone were housed)

3) San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (home to masterpieces from artists such as Jackson Pollack and Paul Klee)

4) Fisherman’s Wharf (a major tourist attraction on the San Francisco waterfront that has Ghirardelli Square, a wax museum, fresh seafood, and much more)

5) Chinatown (California and San Francisco in general have large Asian populations so it’s no surprise they have great Chinese food. You can find tasty dim sum and other Asian delicacies)

What about traveling to San Francisco?  I live in Miami and researched flight/hotel info using Expedia.  I was able to find a deal for less than $650 per person which included airfare and a three-night stay in a mid-level hotel.  Considering the high cost of flying to the West Coast, that’s a relatively good deal.  If you have the means, I would certainly consider flying there for your next vacation.

San Francisco is a great city, with wonderful weather, that will amaze you at every turn.  The hilly streets and cable cars help to define this unique city in California.

Trip to Manhattan: New York, NY

Back in December of ’07, I traveled to New York back in December of with my girlfriend for the Christmas season.  We spent 5 days and 4 nights on the Upper Westside of the city at my parents time share.  Manhattan is a great city and there’s plenty to do.  Some of our activities included:

-Going to Chinatown (the days of quality and fake purses are over for good!)

-Visiting the MoMa (it’s free on Fridays after 4pm)

-Visited Soho/The Village (Great areas of New York)

-Seeing “Is He Dead” a hysterical, Mark Twain Play (a late 19th century, French artist fakes his own death in order to sell his work at a premium)

New York in December, believe it or not, isn’t that cold. I chalk it up to global warming.  Manhattan is a mysterious city full of wonder and excitement, and as I result it’s no surprise that each time I visit I see or learn something new. Also, because I’m a foodie at heart, I always appreciate the new restaurants I discover which seem to be in endless supply. If you haven’t been to Manhattan; it’s time to visit. And even if you have, you should plan a return visit.

Tales of Washington, DC and Newseum

This is a useful repost of my recent trip to Washington, DC:

I need to doubleup on this blog as I didn’t write anything about Sunday night. Here’s goes nothing.

Yesterday, after a quick lunch at the apartment, we headed to Tyson’s Corner, a mall in McLean VA, where we did some holiday shopping. There were some great deals at Macy’s, so I didn’t have to spend too much money on gifts. After several hours of shopping, we dined at Sandia, a mexican restaurant, that was moderately priced, and moderately tasty. Once we finished, we headed home as some of the gang had to work today and much of this week.

Today, I got off to a late start. I was a little bit tired (and preoccupied about my girlfriend’s visit to Colombia). But I eventually dragged myself out of the apartment into the twenty-four-degree weather of DC. I headed to Chinatown to get some dim sum, but I couldn’t find the restaurant on my iPhone (and the 80mph wind gusts were freezing my ears), so I stumbled into an inexpensive Chinese eatery where I had a quick meal. It wasn’t anything to blog home about, but it did the job. Next, I found my way to the Newseum. It’s completely dedicated to the historic moments of America’s past. There, I watched a short film in 4-D about innovations in reporting and saw a 9-11 exhibit. It was quite interesting. I may go back tomorrow as I didn’t have much time to spend there.

I met my friends for dinner at Raku, one of the first restaurants at which I dined when I came here for college almost seven years ago. I had the fried calamari, a spicy tuna roll, and a miso soup. Very low-carb for sure. We topped-off the night by seeing Frost/Nixon (they stole the title styling from Nip/Tuck). It was very well-done and Frank Langella (Nixon) and Michael Sheen (Frost) gave superb performances. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it.