Travel Cheap, Cheap Airfare

Cheap Travel

If you’re like me, and feeling the effects of the economy, you probably would like to travel, but need cheap travel.

Good news! According to, Southwest Airlines has begun offering DC and other flights as low as $49 and $99 each way. That’s a significant discount from the normal about $100 – $200 that flight would normally cost.

Southwest also has specials for flights purchased 21 days in advance for $59 or less, definitely a way to secure cheap travel. It does require travel Monday through Friday, but again, there’s always an opportunity cost.

There are some restrictions however: purchasing tickets in advance and mid-week flights, for example. But assuming you can finesse missed work days and are due for a vacation, I would say there’s not much stopping you from booking a flight.

Southwest isn’t the only airline on the bandwagon. JetBlue, Delta, and United are also offering specials. This is just another effect of the consumer-based economy’s struggles.

How does Southwest pay for this cheap travel? According to the Star-Telegram, Southwest is reducing is passenger capacity: “Southwest is just now moving to downsize its operations, with plans to cut its passenger capacity by about 4 percent”. These cuts come on the heels of a $56 million loss for the fourth quarter.

It’s difficult for airlines to survive these days do to unpredictable fuel costs and decreases in disposable-income-spending.

Just feel fortunate that should you choose to travel, check Southwest, and other major airlines, for discounts.