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Insurance Adjuster

Also, I’d like to make a quick shout out to my two newest clients.  One is a insurance claims adjuster in Miami who specializes in both residential and commercial property damage.  He is an expert in helping homeowners and business people recover the maximum settlement and never takes a fee unless he recovers money for you.

Art Gallery

Finally, but not least of all, I would like to give a warm welcome to Look Beyond an art gallery in Miami Beach which sells beautiful paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and furniture.  Thierry Dufloo is a well-respected artist from France who owns a chain of framing stores.  But about 1 year ago, he opened Look Beyond on Washington Ave, and is growing that business as well.  Check him out!

Travel Cheap, Cheap Airfare

Cheap Travel

If you’re like me, and feeling the effects of the economy, you probably would like to travel, but need cheap travel.

Good news! According to, Southwest Airlines has begun offering DC and other flights as low as $49 and $99 each way. That’s a significant discount from the normal about $100 – $200 that flight would normally cost.

Southwest also has specials for flights purchased 21 days in advance for $59 or less, definitely a way to secure cheap travel. It does require travel Monday through Friday, but again, there’s always an opportunity cost.

There are some restrictions however: purchasing tickets in advance and mid-week flights, for example. But assuming you can finesse missed work days and are due for a vacation, I would say there’s not much stopping you from booking a flight.

Southwest isn’t the only airline on the bandwagon. JetBlue, Delta, and United are also offering specials. This is just another effect of the consumer-based economy’s struggles.

How does Southwest pay for this cheap travel? According to the Star-Telegram, Southwest is reducing is passenger capacity: “Southwest is just now moving to downsize its operations, with plans to cut its passenger capacity by about 4 percent”. These cuts come on the heels of a $56 million loss for the fourth quarter.

It’s difficult for airlines to survive these days do to unpredictable fuel costs and decreases in disposable-income-spending.

Just feel fortunate that should you choose to travel, check Southwest, and other major airlines, for discounts.

Veggie Love: PETA Ad Too Hot for TV

According to Huliq, the above PETA-produced commercial called “Veggie Love” is being banned from the Super Bowl ad line-up because NBC felt it was inappropriate. As pointed out in the Huliq article, NBC is probably trying to avoid a wardrobe malfunction situation

Shame on you NBC! If half-nude, hot models acting inappropriately with vegetables is unfit for TV, you should probably cancel Last Call with Carson Daly. Or any of the other shows (and I’m sure there are plenty) that no one watches unless threatened with terrorist-like torture.

I viewed the Veggie Love ad and must say I was quite moved. It had the gratuitous nudity of a Tarantino flick with the class of a luxury car :30 spot. Honestly, it doesn’t show anymore skin than say a model on the cover of Sports Illustrated and is PG13 at best.

To ad insult to injury, NBC which is hosting the Super Bowl is promoting the ad on it’s website! So it’s ok to watch the video online (where children can’t find it) but not on TV? They are way off-base here.

So I implore you, write NBC and tell those unoriginal idiots that the Veggie Love ad must be aired!

Things to Do in Chicago, Chicago IL

I’m leaving for Chicago tomorrow. It will certainly be quite chilly (current temp there is 26F) but that’s a small concession to make for adventure.

I’ve begun researching more attractions to visit. Here are some suggestions from Chicago Traveler:

Magnificent Mile (Michigan Ave to Oak St; shops, restaurants, museums)

Navy Pier (IMAX, arcade, shops, restaurants, concert venue, fairgrounds)

Shedd Aquarium (one of the world’s largest indoor aquariums)

Field Museum (next to Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears; natural history museum)

The Magnificent Mile is a staple Chicago landmark without question. It is literally riddled with high-end shops including, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Hugo Boss, and department store’s such as Bloomie’s and Saks. It’s also home to luxury hotels Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons. In addition, you can whet your palate with mainstay dining establishments such as The Signature Room at The 95th, Spiaggia, Tru, and The Pump Room.

Navy Pier is another Chicago landmark. Built in 1916, the pier is a 3,300 ft long structure on Lake Michigan which was originally created to serve as a cargo facility for freighter ships. Today, Navy Pier is used as a tourist attraction and has restaurants, shops, and other entertainment. According to Wikipedia, a major renovation was recently announced which will included the construction of a floating hotel, spokeless ferris wheel, and monorail.

The Shedd Aquarium, which is located on the shared property of the Field Museum and Soldier field, is one of the world’s largest indoor aquariums. First opened in 1930, it houses over 25,000 fish, over 2,100 species of fish, and over 5,000,000 gallons of water. The building was designed in a classic Greek architectural style and is quite impressive.

As can be seen, there certainly are many great Chicago attractions, but because my trip is short (arrive Thursday afternoon leave Sunday evening), I will have to budget my time.