Prostitution Free Zone (PFZ)?!

*Photo courtesy of Jason Cragg

I was surfing the net (surprise there), and I came across this funny post on DCist. In effect, during the impending presidential inauguration, portions of DC will be designated “Prostitution Free Zones” (PFZs). As provided by the law, a PFZ is an area in which no acts of prostitution or “prostitution related offenses” can occur.

My reaction is similar to that of the poster’s: shouldn’t prostitution, I don’t know, always be illegal?! Why do we need a “prostitution free zone”? I mean, if a restaurant only serves lunch specials Monday – Friday, then that means on Saturdays and Sundays, those specials aren’t offered right? So, a sign explaining that isn’t really necessary, correct? Well, that should be the case here, but leave it to MPD to not truly think these things through carefully.

Next time your DC, make sure you stumble into a “Prostitution Free Zone”.