Great Splash from Lanikai Beach

When summer’s near, one could always think of going to the beach where he or she can relax and feel the cool breeze. If you want to splash on cool water with superb natural view, you can check out Lanikai Beach located on the windward coast of Oahu, Hawaii. Though it covers only 0.5 mile of the coast, Lanikai has been always named as one of the best beaches in the whole world.

According to sources, many tourists love the simplicity and elegance of the place though it still does not have hotels, cafes and restaurants. They say that its waters are clear and blue which make Lanikai Beach the best place to enjoy kayaking, canoeing, swimming and sailing.

Most tourists only come here to enjoy the water since there are no restrooms or public parking lots around the beach. If you want to take good photos of the beach, you can visit it during weekdays as it is empty and it only gets crowded during weekends and peak seasons. The beach is not only an ideal place to take photos during the day since it has a very unique and remarkable sight at night especially when it’s full moon.