Loving Louvre Museum

Through the years, Europe has been noted as the tourist’s paradise with its amazing people, delectable cuisine, rich culture, stable economy and breathtaking attractions such as Louvre Museum. This is famous as one of the largest museums in the world covering 60,600 square meters of the Right Bank of the Seine.

Exhibiting around 500 paintings, Louvre first opened on August 1793 but due to some structural problems, administrators of the museum closed it in 1796 and have reopened in 1801 just as when collections were increased and the structure has been renovated.

Among the most admired collections in Louvre are the Egyptian antiquities that highlight artifact from Nile civilizations dating from 4,000 BC until the 4th century. There are about 20 rooms that accommodate the Egyptian collections which are beautifully guarded by large Sphinx. There are also papyrus scrolls, mummies, jewelry, musical instruments and weapons exhibited in these rooms which students, learners and travelers could get information with to track down the country’s history.

If you love to check out antiquities and genuine collections of the Greeks, Romans and Etruscan, Louvre is the best place that you should visit. Here you’ll find various collections from Cycladic period until the decline of the Roman Empire.

There are a lot of marvelous paintings, drawings, sculpture, decorative arts and antique collections that you can check in the said museum so when you have decided to visit Paris, make sure to set foot on this one of a kind attraction.