Wonders of Pleasure Beach Blackpool

A famous amusement park and resort located in Blackpool, England, Pleasure Beach Blackpool gathers around 5 million visitors every year. According to sources, children and adults love to visit the resort since it offers 125 rides, cozy and affordable cafes, hotels and restaurants, animated events and remarkable attractions like the Pepsi Max Big One which is noted to be UK’s tallest roller coaster, Valhalla—renowned as the most expensive dark ride in the world, and Wild Mouse which is a wooden roller coaster.

It was in 2007 when Pleasure Beach Blackpool was awarded with the best brand for leisure and tourism and is named as the best large tourist attraction.

If you wanted to spend the days in the resort, you can stay at the Big Blur Hotel located within the park’s outskirts which is near the south entrance behind the Pepsi Max Big One.

Pleasure Beach Blackpool also offers good food through their prominent cafes and restaurants. For wide variety of snacks and meals, you can go to Bradley Beaver Catering Co. which is situated in Beaver Creek. If you love to eat steaks, gourmet fish and other heavy meals, you just visit The Grill which was opened in 2009. White Tower Restaurant on the other hand, is the best choice if you want a romantic atmosphere.

Do not miss these rides and attractions when you are in England. Visit Pleasure Beach Blackpool and bring along your children, family and friends.