Strolling Around Hamburg

If you are in Germany and wondering on the best city to visit, Hamburg may be the right place for you. The city serves as the major transportation hub in Northern Germany and it is famous as a prosperous city in Europe. In 2008, there are about 2.8 million tourists who stayed in the city making it a major destination for domestic as well as overseas visitors.

It has 40 theaters, 100 music venues and clubs and numerous museums which tourists could stroll on. These attractions including the city’s parks, gardens and architecture made a big impact to visitors all over the world and these led Hamburg to become one of the fastest growing tourisms in the country.

Since transportation is not a problem in the city, tourists could easily visit extraordinary places, festivals and sites like U 434 which is noted to among the largest non-nuclear Soviet submarine, Church St. Katharinen, Alter Botanischer Garten which is a famous park of Hamburg, Altonaer Musuem, Deutsches Schauspielhaus which serves as the country’s biggest speech theatre, Hamburger Dom Fair that takes place during spring, summer and early winter and a lot more. One must not worry on visiting these places and events since Hamburg is generally a safe city with dense police presence on most visited areas.