Obamas’ Tax Return

Tax season is never the highlight of anyone’s year. It’s always a hassle to prepare your taxes. Then there’s the nagging aspect of actually having to fork over a huge portion of your salary to Uncle Sam. But at least he doesn’t waste it on the War in Iraq and pork projects.

The saving grace of it all is that even the President and Vice President must also pay their taxes. So how much did they pay? And how much did they earn?

According to Y! Buzz, the Obamas’ earned a combined income of over $2.6 million in 2008 and paid upwards of $1 million in taxes. That’s light years ahead of the Bidens’ income. They earned a measly $270,000.

So how did the Obamas’ manage to rake in that much moola? Simple: Obama wrote two books, you may remember “Audacity” and “Dreams”, which accounted for the majority of his income last year.

Now you can rest easy tonight knowing full well that the President and Vice President suffered just as much as you did if not more.