This is It for Michael Jackson

It’s common knowledge that Michael “I allegedly molested children” Jackson is eccentric to put it mildly.  But today, he managed  to shock us once again.

At a press conference in London, surrounded by cheering fans, Michael Jackson announced…well something.  But what exactly.  He seemed aloof and confused and uncertain about his statements.

According to the NY Times, Michael Jackson has plans ot perform what may be his last performances, “Michael Jackson…announced on Thursday that he would perform a series of concerts in London this summer, in what he called a ‘final curtain call.'”  We may ascertain from this, perhaps, that Michael is ending his career.  But in true, cryptic fashion, he has left us wondering his intentions.

Michael Jackson is probably one of the most influential, pop singers of the 20th century, but he has always been an enigma.  And his legal battles haven’t exactly helped his image.  Nonetheless, his fans are loyal and have stayed by his side.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this was merely a PR stunt, not unlike what some say Joaquin Phoenix recently did on Letterman.  Michael has been out of the limelight for a while, and this is a great opportunity to make headlines.