Joel McHale: Funnier on E!

I just saw Joel McHale at the Lincoln Theater. The show left something to be desired for two reasons: 1) The opening act was better than Joel and 2) It just wasn’t that funny.

Joel McHale is a TV personality that hosts the E! show The Soup, so it was surprising that the South Beach Comedy Festival chose him to do stand-up. He’s definitely witty and humorous at times, but he’s not much of a comedian.

He got some laughs, but mostly I was waiting for the show to end so I could get a bite to eat. I will say that he made a few good jokes about his father being too cheap and about Kim Kardashian.

I suppose the old adage, “you get what you pay for” is fairly accurate.

The moral here is watch Joel McHale on E!, but avoid him at comedy shows.