Top Chef Season Five Finale

Tonight on the Top Chef season five finale, many viewers were left surprised by Hosea’s victory.  Not that I actually wanted Stefan to win (frozen carpaccio, anyone?), and as wonderful as Carla is in her soulfulness she wasn’t qualified, but I expected him to do so.  But Hosea wowed the judge’s with his last supper and emerged the next, Top Chef.

Top Chef New York was unique in its innovative new episodes and challenges.  The staple of celebrity guest judges was both expected and welcome, but the true draw was the top-notch group of chefs and their incredible and sometimes awful dishes.  Equally interesting was Ariyan who was an assault on one’s senses and generally not a good chef.

Top Chef has been a welcome addition to Bravo these past five seasons, and I’ll be curious to see what new concept they create for season 6.  Europe? Hawaii? South America? Any of these venues could add elements of intrigue to the next season.

Watch what happens.