Miami Restaurants to Avoid: Jake’s Bar and Grill

I recently had the misfortune of dining at Jake’s Bar and Grill in South Miami.  Jake’s use to be a good restaurant that was worth a visit, but those days have sadly gone the way of the dodo bird.  That’s because the food is sub par as is the service.

My girlfriend and I were off to a decent start when the host of Jake’s gave us gratis vino to compensate for sitting outside in the cold.  Of course, when the check arrived we had been charged for said wine and had to explain the error to our waiter.  But the evening at Jake’s went downhill from that point.

The tapas appetizer was quite scant, not very tasty, and had only a few slices of cheese, bad tasting olives, and three small pieces of cantimpalo chorizo.  My burger was dry and under seasonsed and my girlfriend’s roast chicken was extremely dry.

To add insult to injury, the service moved at snail pace.

Don’t have dinner at Jake’s Bar and Grill.  It would literally be more effective to simply flush your money down the toilet.