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President Obama a Hit with Canada

February 21st, 2009

President Obama has just completed his trip to Canada and was received not only warmly but with admiration and joy.

I must confess it is nice to have our president admired when he visits another country. When Bush went to Canada admiration was not what he got; rather protests and detestation!

I visited Toronto for a week about 5 years ago and admiring a United States president was not, at that time, something anyone I met could have conceived. We’ve clearly come a long way.

The purpose of President Obama’s visit was partially to reassure Canadians about NAFTA and to discuss Afghanistan with them. The Canadians are very likely withdrawing the small number of troops they have there.

Canada is a small example of a general trend. The world right now is optimistic about President Obama, very optimistic. The question is, can he hold that optimism and use it to restore the United States damaged and fallen image.

So far, it appears to me Obama can and will.

The author of this post is Matt Wion who blogs at Thoughts on Democracy, Freedom, and Justice.

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