Rihanna Police Photo Controversy, Leaked By TMZ


Remember when Chris Brown was accused of brutalizing Rihanna?  Well, not surprisingly TMZ has released a leaked photo of Rihanna on their site.

Now there’s a backlash from the LAPD replete with an internal investigation.  According to GossipGirls.com, the police are not taking this matter lightly, “A violation of this type is considered serious misconduct, with penalties up to and including termination.”  Heads will undoubtedly roll once the perpetrator of this leak is caught.

It is clear from the above photo that if Chris Brown did assault Rihanna, he did so with brute force.  I can’t say definitively that Brown beat up Rihanna, but the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.

Needless to say, Chris Brown and Rihanna may require a reconciliation period if that’s still possible.