Confucio Say, Eat Chinese Food

Confucio Express

On the end of SW Third Ave, in Miami, next door to a Farm Store, you might easily miss Confucio Express, a take-out Chinese restaurant with a Spanish-English menu.

Besides three small tables outside, Confucio has no dining area of any substance.  But that’s ok, because most people are buying food-to-go.  And the cuisine is definitely worth the wait.

When  I dined at Confucio about a week ago, I had the Mongolian chicken which is served with a light, fried rice with sprouts, egg, shrimp, and pork, and a flaky egg roll filled with pork and veggies.

What separates Confucio from the countless other Chinese restaurants in Miami is that it is relatively grease free as the food is prepared using vegetable oil.  Also, the portions are enormous!  I literally made about three meals out of the one dish!  Finally, the prices are rock-bottom and a great value at that.

If you have a chance, visit Confucio Express which is located at 1810 SW Third Ave in Miami.