Facebook TOS Debacle

Facebook has done it again!  Late last night, Facebook indicated that they could potentially own the rights to content submitted by its users even after their accounts are closed.

Today, Facebook backed down due to the overwhelming backlash from its members.

I can’t help but wonder: Would Facebook have changed its policies if no one complained?  Did Facebook have some ulterior motive?  It seems that Facebook is relatively whipped.  As soon as members get on the bandwagon and make threats, Facebook relents.  I suppose you can’t blame the social networking giant, but it’s ironic that it doesn’t have a finger on the pulse of its community.  Besides, isn’t it obvious users wouldn’t want Facebook to own their photos, videos, information, etc.?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, claims that the new Terms of Service (TOS) will be adjusted based on Facebook users’ comments, and that the current TOS will remain in effect for now:

“We expect to complete [our new TOS] in the next few weeks. In the meantime, we’ve changed the terms back to what existed before the February 4th change, which was what most people asked us for and was the recommendation of the outside experts we consulted.

Zuckerberg is arguably a genius.  He created a social networking site that valued at over $1 billion per a Yahoo! offer, that has over 175 million users.  But yet he still hasn’t figured out that he needs to attempt to, how shall I put this, not piss off Facebook users!

Shame on you, Facebook!

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