Air Travel: Is it Safe?

Due to the recent airline neglence (thanks autopilot), some of you may be wondering if air travel is safe.  And if not, how can one travel far distances without boarding a 757?  If it is, how often do these airline incidents occur?

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, airline fatalities worldwide fell 25% in 2008 as compared to 2007. In fact, last year was actually one of the safest years in airline travel history.  However, that’s still 539 fatalities or about 55 per month.  But worldwide, with over 6 billion people, it’s a relatively small number.

My feeling is this: every time you get behind the wheel of a car, ride a rollercoaster, or even cross the street, there’s a chance something could go terribly wrong.  But we keep on doing those things, because we don’t want to live sheltered, boring lives.

Is there an alternative? What’s the future of air travel?  According to, microjets could be the next innovation of the airline industry.  These air taxis would only be useful for short range travel (less than1,300 miles apart) and would most likely be costly.  But perhaps as time progresses, these microjets could become mainstream.

Overall, air travel is safe.  It’s also the most time efficient way to travel.  And much of the time it’s cost effective.  Besides, do you really want to drive every time you need to travel a long distance?