Islamorada, Florida Keys

Have you been to Islamorada, the “Purple Island”, in the Florida Keys? It’s about 20 miles south of Key Largo around mile marker 80.

A quite, Keys village, Islamorada serves one, singular purpose: relaxation. That’s because besides a handful of restaurants, a movie theater, bowling alley, and fishing, there’s not a plethora of activities. But that’s quite alright because as I said people head to Islamorada to unwind, and that’s exactly the effect the Keys can have on you.

Don’t mistake Islamorada’s demeanor for that of Key West. Gays and booze don’t abound here. This is not a party town. Instead, it’s a laid back key with good hospitality.

I’ve probably visited Islamorada over one hundred times, but it never fails to provide a new experience each time.

Besides R&R, what’s there to do on this particular key? One activity that’s sure to please is dining out. There are not many restaurants, but the places available can be quite good. One such location is the Lorelei.

The Lorelei has great seafood and great view thanks to its bayside location. They have daily specials which will leave your taste buds asking for more.

Another great place to chow down is the Cheeca Lodge. Generally, hotel food is not great (not a restaurant in a hotel, but one run by a hotel), but this restaurant has a great poolside restaurant. Here’s a tip: when you drive up to the security gate, tell the guard your there for lunch. Then grab a table by the pool. Once you’ve finished eating you can slip right into the pool. Our secret.

Ok, so there are a few tasty plates at some random eateries, but what else can I do besides expand my waistline? Well, there’s fishing of course!

If you don’t own a boat which you can run down from Miami, the next best option is to charter a boat. Captains-for-hire are abundant in Islamorada and the Florida Keys, so locating one shouldn’t be a challenge.

A third great option while in the Keys is Holiday Isle. There you can have lunch, rent jet skies, and lay out on their beach.

Needless to say, there are many great activites in Islamorada. Stop by anytime.