Veggie Love: PETA Ad Too Hot for TV

According to Huliq, the above PETA-produced commercial called “Veggie Love” is being banned from the Super Bowl ad line-up because NBC felt it was inappropriate. As pointed out in the Huliq article, NBC is probably trying to avoid a wardrobe malfunction situation

Shame on you NBC! If half-nude, hot models acting inappropriately with vegetables is unfit for TV, you should probably cancel Last Call with Carson Daly. Or any of the other shows (and I’m sure there are plenty) that no one watches unless threatened with terrorist-like torture.

I viewed the Veggie Love ad and must say I was quite moved. It had the gratuitous nudity of a Tarantino flick with the class of a luxury car :30 spot. Honestly, it doesn’t show anymore skin than say a model on the cover of Sports Illustrated and is PG13 at best.

To ad insult to injury, NBC which is hosting the Super Bowl is promoting the ad on it’s website! So it’s ok to watch the video online (where children can’t find it) but not on TV? They are way off-base here.

So I implore you, write NBC and tell those unoriginal idiots that the Veggie Love ad must be aired!