Last Night’s Nip/Tuck: Episode 5.19

Last night’s Nip/Tuck, episode 5.19, was full of surprises. The show is certainly employs a soap opera style which puts the viewer on the edge of his seat.

I couldn’t believe that Kimber would even entertain the notion of injecting collagen into Jenna’s mouth. And that Christian eventually buckled under the pressure as well.  Typical Nip/Tuck morals I suppose.

And did anyone else find it ironic the Sean hired that new anesthesiologist after his directive that he/she not just be another “piece”?

The best part of episode 5.19 has to be the man who could “pleasure himself”. It was highly amusing that someone would actually get that sort of reduction surgery.

Equally shocking was Liz’s departure. Could a main character of the show be leaving for good? We all sort of expected this day would eventually arrive, but Liz can’t really leave, can she?

Finally, it appears that Christian is dying! There must be some caveat to this, but we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Stay tuned for more Nip/Tuck episode posts.