Finding Delight in European Cuisine and Restaurants

Feeding yourself with mouth watering delicacies in a desired place to visit is one of most effective ways to relax and unwind. If you are planning to visit Europe, you have to taste their delectable cuisine which primarily features French bread, Italian pasta, deep-fried potatoes and nutritious grilled steak. European cuisine focuses on sauces, condiments and seasonings. Dairy products are also used in various local dishes.

Traditionally, Europeans love to have baguettes—a long thin bread loaf made of lean dough, during meals. French breads, which are part of a continental breakfast in France, are sliced and served with cheese.

Aside from appetizing baguettes and French breads, many tourists visit Europe and experience Polish sausages, Spanish paella and French sweet pastries.

Cooking these special dishes is the forte of top European restaurants like Fat Duck Restaurant. According to sources, it is the second most wanted restaurant in the world. If you are planning to visit France, make sure that you set foot on Pierre Gagnaire Restaurant where the chef makes use of French flavors efficiently. When in Denmark, you can go to Noma which is famous for their Maritini Bars and Asian Delight.

These dishes and restaurants are just among the numerous features that you will love in Europe. Do not hesitate to explore and discover other wonders in the continent if you want to make the most of your travel.

Booming Florence

Highly regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Florence has been named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1982. It serves as the birthplace of the Renaissance and it is fondly called the Athens of the Middle Ages. Since Florence became a home of numerous attractions like monasteries, art galleries, parks, historic academies, many tourists were enticed to visit the city.

Art collectors would definitely enjoy strolling around Pitti Palace and Uffizi since these display various collections of art and other antiquities. According to sources, Florence is named as the art capital of Italy and is the world’s last preserved Renaissance city. Many prominent historical figures are said to have been born or have stayed in the city and these include Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, Salvatore Ferragamo and Galileo Galilei.

Florence is not only famous as the cradle of Renaissance since it is also the home of beautiful gardens like the Boboli Gardens. It has a great collection of sculptures made during the 16th and 18th centuries. Many visitors also love to wander in Giardino Bardini because of its good panoramic view of the city and its being home of beautiful wildlife such as rock pigeons and blackbirds.

The city is surely a good place to bond with your loved ones so if you have enough time and budget to travel to Italy, make Florence your priority city to visit.

Great Splash from Lanikai Beach

When summer’s near, one could always think of going to the beach where he or she can relax and feel the cool breeze. If you want to splash on cool water with superb natural view, you can check out Lanikai Beach located on the windward coast of Oahu, Hawaii. Though it covers only 0.5 mile of the coast, Lanikai has been always named as one of the best beaches in the whole world.

According to sources, many tourists love the simplicity and elegance of the place though it still does not have hotels, cafes and restaurants. They say that its waters are clear and blue which make Lanikai Beach the best place to enjoy kayaking, canoeing, swimming and sailing.

Most tourists only come here to enjoy the water since there are no restrooms or public parking lots around the beach. If you want to take good photos of the beach, you can visit it during weekdays as it is empty and it only gets crowded during weekends and peak seasons. The beach is not only an ideal place to take photos during the day since it has a very unique and remarkable sight at night especially when it’s full moon.

Loving Louvre Museum

Through the years, Europe has been noted as the tourist’s paradise with its amazing people, delectable cuisine, rich culture, stable economy and breathtaking attractions such as Louvre Museum. This is famous as one of the largest museums in the world covering 60,600 square meters of the Right Bank of the Seine.

Exhibiting around 500 paintings, Louvre first opened on August 1793 but due to some structural problems, administrators of the museum closed it in 1796 and have reopened in 1801 just as when collections were increased and the structure has been renovated.

Among the most admired collections in Louvre are the Egyptian antiquities that highlight artifact from Nile civilizations dating from 4,000 BC until the 4th century. There are about 20 rooms that accommodate the Egyptian collections which are beautifully guarded by large Sphinx. There are also papyrus scrolls, mummies, jewelry, musical instruments and weapons exhibited in these rooms which students, learners and travelers could get information with to track down the country’s history.

If you love to check out antiquities and genuine collections of the Greeks, Romans and Etruscan, Louvre is the best place that you should visit. Here you’ll find various collections from Cycladic period until the decline of the Roman Empire.

There are a lot of marvelous paintings, drawings, sculpture, decorative arts and antique collections that you can check in the said museum so when you have decided to visit Paris, make sure to set foot on this one of a kind attraction.

Machu Picchu: Beyond History and Beauty

Located on a magnificent mountain ridge just above the Urubamba Valley, Peru, Machu Picchu is commonly called as the Lost City of the Incas. It was in 1981 when the pre-Columbian Inca site was named as a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary. With its natural beauty and great history, Machu Picchu has been voted as among the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.

According to archaeologists, the site was built with 1450 during the Inca Empire. As a heritage site, UNESCO has described it as a supreme masterpiece of architecture and it serves as an exceptional testimony to the Inca civilization.

Presently, the ruins of Machu Picchu have been divided in two sections. The first sector is the Agricultural Sector while the other one is the Urban sector. These sectors are divided a sturdy wall. Taking a closer look on the site and ruins, one would notice several design details of the Inca walls. According to sources, these are intended to protect the people against collapsing during an earthquake. Through time, Machu Picchu has become a fascination to many tourists and from the time when it was discovered, its number of visitors has increased reaching to 400,000 tourists in 2003.

Personally seeing and feeling the ruins of Machu Picchu is certainly more exciting and fun than viewing them in photos and videos.

Wonders of Pleasure Beach Blackpool

A famous amusement park and resort located in Blackpool, England, Pleasure Beach Blackpool gathers around 5 million visitors every year. According to sources, children and adults love to visit the resort since it offers 125 rides, cozy and affordable cafes, hotels and restaurants, animated events and remarkable attractions like the Pepsi Max Big One which is noted to be UK’s tallest roller coaster, Valhalla—renowned as the most expensive dark ride in the world, and Wild Mouse which is a wooden roller coaster.

It was in 2007 when Pleasure Beach Blackpool was awarded with the best brand for leisure and tourism and is named as the best large tourist attraction.

If you wanted to spend the days in the resort, you can stay at the Big Blur Hotel located within the park’s outskirts which is near the south entrance behind the Pepsi Max Big One.

Pleasure Beach Blackpool also offers good food through their prominent cafes and restaurants. For wide variety of snacks and meals, you can go to Bradley Beaver Catering Co. which is situated in Beaver Creek. If you love to eat steaks, gourmet fish and other heavy meals, you just visit The Grill which was opened in 2009. White Tower Restaurant on the other hand, is the best choice if you want a romantic atmosphere.

Do not miss these rides and attractions when you are in England. Visit Pleasure Beach Blackpool and bring along your children, family and friends.

Strolling Around Hamburg

If you are in Germany and wondering on the best city to visit, Hamburg may be the right place for you. The city serves as the major transportation hub in Northern Germany and it is famous as a prosperous city in Europe. In 2008, there are about 2.8 million tourists who stayed in the city making it a major destination for domestic as well as overseas visitors.

It has 40 theaters, 100 music venues and clubs and numerous museums which tourists could stroll on. These attractions including the city’s parks, gardens and architecture made a big impact to visitors all over the world and these led Hamburg to become one of the fastest growing tourisms in the country.

Since transportation is not a problem in the city, tourists could easily visit extraordinary places, festivals and sites like U 434 which is noted to among the largest non-nuclear Soviet submarine, Church St. Katharinen, Alter Botanischer Garten which is a famous park of Hamburg, Altonaer Musuem, Deutsches Schauspielhaus which serves as the country’s biggest speech theatre, Hamburger Dom Fair that takes place during spring, summer and early winter and a lot more. One must not worry on visiting these places and events since Hamburg is generally a safe city with dense police presence on most visited areas.

Travel Expenses and Currencies

When traveling, it is always expected that you will spend for food, accommodation and transportation that is why it is very important that you know something about a country’s currency and cost of living before finally deciding on booking a flight to visit it. According to sources, currencies differ from country to another and it is very important for a traveler to determine money’s origin and its worth.

Identifying foreign money is easy once you have an eye for details. The easiest way to check its origin is through the writing found on the bill or coin since you may be able to distinguish the language used. You can also find the country’s name on the money and usually, this is written in English. If it is not, you can check on the details online through searching currency images once you fail to understand or read writings on the money. If you are still unable to distinguish a bill and its denomination, you can go to banks and ask the bank tellers about the currency and its value in a certain area.

Buying goods and souvenirs is really tempting while traveling but make sure that you has enough funds to do so and that the purchased goods will not go to waste once you get home.

Always safe guard your money when going to new places. You can use credit cards for paying hotel and restaurant bills or car rentals. You should also keep your cash in different places like in your money belts, socks and secret pockets in your clothes.

Having enough funds to accommodate travel expenses and guarding yourself from losing your money will surely guarantee a wonderful unwinding.

Dining out

One of the things that a traveler would consider in visiting a place is the kind of food that they can enjoy with. Since an area’s delicacy is inseparable from its culture, you should first check out the ways of the people in a prospected place to visit. It is also necessary that you take precautions before tasting a local dish since being reckless might turn a travel into disaster.

According to health experts, it is wise to eat well-cooked food and if possible, opt for those which are still hot when served. Before entering a restaurant, you must check its patronage. Restaurants with larger crowds serve fresher food since they are to accommodate a high turnover. When you are in an unfamiliar place, it is always safe to purchase purified water than rely on local, unsterilized water since this may cause stomach ache.

If you are not familiar with a certain dish, it is better to ask for the ingredients used and as much as possible, refrain from eating raw foods like shellfish or salads. You may also find good food from street vendors but you should always remember that these are not safe and cleanliness is not a guarantee.

Most people go on a vacation to feel good or free themselves from being stressed or pressured from work or school. Choosing the right place to dine out and food to take will definitely add more fun to your travel experience.

Travel Safety

Getting to know a certain place by personally visiting it is definitely more enjoyable than reading about it or just viewing its beautiful spots in a photo. However, you do not immediately wander without equipping yourself with the things that you will need when traveling.

If you have already decided on a place to visit, you should know its law, culture and tourist sports that you can get pleasure from. You can do this by browsing online, reading books or checking out documentary films about the area.

Traveling to a new place can be your way to unwind or escape the busy streets and chaotic urban life. Brining along your friends or family members can make this relaxation even better especially when you share the same interests when it comes to food, island hopping or taking photo souvenirs.

Aside from traveling with loved ones, it is also necessary that you are always prepared for emergencies. This entails you to be equipped with a good set of emergency kits and enough funds to spend for unexpected expenses.

If possible, you should research on a good hotel where you can stay comfortably. Good hotels must have the best security, complete facilities and friendly staff for a traveler to feel safe even if he or she is away from home.